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Year End Awards

MTEA will sponsor year end awards, 1st-5th, in the following eventing divisions or division sub-classifications. We reserve the right to combine sub-classifications if there are fewer than five qualifiers. 


-Pre-starter (18") 

    *Jr, YR, Sr, Master

-Starter (2'-2,3") 

    *Jr, YR, Sr, Master

-Beginner Novice (2'7") 

    *Jr, YR, Sr, Master

-Novice (2'11") 

    *Jr, YR, Sr, Master

-Training (3'3")

    *Jr, YR, Sr, Master

Junior is through age 14

Young Rider is ages 15-21

Senior is ages 22-44

Master is ages 45+


Shows included:

Stones River Pony Club March CT 

Middle TN Pony Club Mini Trial

Walnut Trace Spring Mini Trial

Walnut Trace Fall Mini Trial 

Middle TN Pony Club Horse Trials 

Stones River Pony Club November CT 

Want to add a show? Contact us! 

To be eligible for all awards:

1. The Competition Year begins on December 1 and runs through November 31 of the following year.

2. The rider must be a member in good standing. 

3. Activate the horse - notify the secretary on the membership form the horse/rider combination. Points accrue only after activation date is in effect.


MTEA would love to present a special award in honor of a special horse or rider in your life! Please send your ideas to Lauren ( to work out the best award to make sure your loved one would be proud! 

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