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Dry Ridge Farm Rising Star Grant

Alex Green has graciously offered a grant for up and coming eventer who is a member of MTEA. Alex a is a 4* rider based in Knoxville at her own Dry Ridge Farm. She excels in bringing young riders through the 2* level and has an active sale program, as well as several upper level horses herself. 

The grant will include one night for your horse at Dry Ridge farm and two lessons with Alex, including a cross country school at Dry Ridge’s beautiful on site course. The lucky recipient will also be welcome to observe and participate in the daily goings on at an upper level event facility. The rider’s housing is not included, but there are several hotels nearby. Rider will be responsible for coordinating dates directly through Alex. 


Murphy "Vintage Horse" Award

In honor of Double Jeopardy, aka Murphy, owned by Anna and Betsy Moreland, the Murphy award is for the horse over the age of 16 with the most points across the season.

Murphy taught dozens of young riders to event until his retirement in 2018. Imported from Ireland, Murphy has 40 USEA horse trials under his belt, upwards of ten being MTPC horse trials. 

Murphy continues to share his kindness as a member of the Hillview Farm EAGALA therapy program. 

*documentation of (approximate) age must be declared for eligibility (vet records, papers, USEA membership etc)

Ridgetop Zachary "Connemara Spirit" Award


The Connemara pony is known for its athleticism, versatility and good nature. Zach exemplified those traits through his eventing, fox hunting and dressage career with his riders and then later as a much loved school horse for Walnut Trace Farm.


Bred by Marynell Eyles and by her stallion Aladdin's Denver, The Connemara Spirit award will be selected by a committee and awarded to a horse and rider combination that most follow in the footsteps of Ridgetop Zachary.  

Three Stone South High Point "Leased Horse" award 



Celebrating the schoolmaster who has been shared between riders, this award is for the highest placing "leased horse" in the series. 

*Proof of lease must be provided for eligibility

Standing Order High Point Thoroughbred Award

In honor of Lauren Romanelli's first preliminary horse, Standing Order, aka Doc, the  OTTB with the most points at the end of the season will receive this award.


Doc embodied the OTTB with his fair share of quirks, a gigantic heart, a distaste for dressage and love for galloping across the country. Doc ran countless novice and training level events, and several seasons at preliminary before sustaining a career ending injury. He is now showing a young rider the ropes in the jumpers.

Apache Sunday "Perfect Pony" Award

Grace Johnson's Apache is the epitome of the perfect pony! Apache had a storied career as a games pony as a mount for both USMGA and USPC. He participated in both National and International Championships, winning many throughout the years.


As an event horse, Apache was good in dressage and SJ but truly loved XC! He always took great care of his riders. 


Walnut Trace is proud to award the Perfect Pony award to a Perfect Pony (or horse!) decided by a committee who is an excellent teacher and a loved member of the MTEA community! 

SPF's Big Idea High Point Mare Award

In honor of Lauren Romanelli's SPF's Big Idea, Brandy, this will be awarded to the mare with the most points at the end of the season. Brandy had a long career at training level including long format three day event, several P/Ts and has now retired to the career of raising future event horses.


Brandy never had an XC stop in her whole career. She has two lovely half Thoroughbred fillies- Elphaba, by Artrageous and Evita, by Sea Accounts. 

Like any good mare, Brandy does better when she has a job and is now raising orphaned or rejected foals for Coldspring Nursemares, a farm that provides hormone-induced nursemares.

Coin Toss Bronze Medal Award
coin toss.jpg

This award is presented to the lowest scoring dressage test of the season. Cathryn Alexa Brekken's Coin Toss, Chance, had a wonderful career as an event horse before retiring to straight dressage. Together they earned their USDF bronze medal and are working towards their silver! 

Volunteer of the Year
wt arena.jpg

Sponsored by Stones River Pony Club, the  Volunteer of the Year award is presented to a regular volunteer who has dedicated their time, effort and passion for eventing throughout the season.  

High Point Pony Clubber

Sponsored by MTPC graduate Grace Butler, the high point pony club award is presented to a USPC member in good standing with the most points. If there is a tie, the winner will be determined by history of volunteering, horsemanship and recommendations from other members of USPC.

Spicy Tony Award
Tony xc.jpeg

This award honors those horses & ponies who LOVE to jump, but perhaps don't prefer the dressage arena. Tony Hawk is a much beloved member of Brookstone Farm. Quick on his feet and super agile, he will jump happily from almost any distance.


Despite his small stature and advanced age, he's still rocketing - literally, sometimes - around Novice XC. However, despite countless hours of preparation at home, on more than one occasion, Tony has exited the dressage arena to judge comments of "Well, he sure is ready for XC!" or "I hope your horse can jump."

The Spicy Tony award goes to the worst/highest dressage score at any one event, followed by clean XC and SJ....because even the best horses might not be the best at everything.

English Saddle Fit Top Placing Adult Amateur Award

The top placing Adult Ammy Rider award is to recognize someone who spends their free time trying to make the "horse thing" work on top of working 40 hours a week, managing a family or whatever else comes up to make this life crazy! Graciously sponsored by English Saddle Fit, owned by Kate Wooten. 

Sportsmanship Award

New for 2020, MTEA would like to recognize an outstanding member of our community who might not always be the winner of blue ribbons and demonstrates respect, integrity, graciousness, kindness and good horsemanship. The winner will be awarded a scholarship to use for their riding education or show. To be considered for this award, a MTEA member must be nominated by another MTEA member. Number of nominations will be counted, as well as need and merit and decided by a committee, to be presented at the awards banquet. 


The Heart Award

The Heart Award, sponsored by Carissa Ramsdell and Freedom Reigns Ranch, is open to all MTEA members to consider what horses teach us.

The winner of The Heart Award will receive a professional photo shoot for you and your horse by equine photographer Carissa Lynn Photography, valued at $395. This will include travel up to 45 miles from 37179, further travel may require additional expenses.

The Unicorn Award
mtea unicorn.JPG

The Unicorn Award, sponsored by the Hunt Family, is in honor of their beloved Prince, who passed away in 2022.


Prince truly was the Unicorn Pony. He could do it all – eventing, hunter/jumper, trail riding, and more. But what made Prince special was the connection he had with his riders and his uncanny ability to build rider confidence. Every ring he entered, he did so confidently. He went to every single jump fearlessly and surely, even if his rider was still learning to be sure she could. Even outside the ring – he was the trusted confidante – that friend who seems to somehow sense what’s going on and know exactly what to say or do without words every needing to be spoken. As equestrians, we all love many horses, but for every one of his riders, Prince was one of those rare, “once-in-a-lifetime” horses.


The Unicorn Award is awarded to those “once-in-a-lifetime horses” – a horse who has given his or her rider confidence in their riding or in themselves, or helping a rider overcome a fear or other trouble in their life.

MTEA High Point Trainer

The MTEA High Point Trainer will be awarded to the MTEA trainer with the highest combined point total of all students across all levels. This award is sponsored by MTEA to give recognition to the amazing group of professionals that support the eventing community in middle TN and the local events in the area. 

We would love to thank all of the trainers who are supporting the local eventing community here and continuing to grow the sport.

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