Jumper Schooling Series

Looking for an easy, laid back inexpensive way to school without spending a long, boring day at a jumper show?

Join us at Stony River Farm in Ashland City and Fairpath Farm in Franklin for low-key jumper schooling days. Courses from ground poles on up will be set at eventing heights. 

Dates TBA- want to host a day? Let us know! The more the merrier! 

The premise is simple- pre-enter online or the day of, leave a blank check to pay per round (no association or office fees!), school over a professionally designed course of show quality jumps and feel free to jump a fence or line again if you had trouble! Coaching and cheering is encouraged from the sidelines! The spirit of community means we all help and support each other! 

At each show, every round you do is an entry in a raffle to win two free rounds at an upcoming show. 

Additionally, any MTEA member in good standing that completes two courses at Stony River Farm and two courses at Fairpath Farm is qualified to compete at our one of a kind Jumper Finale!! 

What is the Jumper Finale??

Qualified riders enter and jump a round- clear rounds proceed to a jump off and the fastest time wins!! 

Please stay tuned for more information, this idea is developing but the hope is to offer prizes and maybe even prize money!!